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Rates & Services

For a free estimate call (405) 818-4504

Lyon's Fence rates are competitive with other fence companies. As with most types of construction, Lyon's Fence rates are based on the cost of material which fluctuates with the economy. We are happy to provide a free estimate. Though we are always available to answer questions over the telephone or by email, it is hard to give phone estimates without seeing the job. 

Lyon's Fence is available for your fencing & bobcat needs in all areas of Central Oklahoma, however we do not mind traveling. Please keep in mind that extra expenses may be incurred if the job requires traveling great distances, due to traveling expenses such as the high price of gasoline.

 All types of fence at a great price!

Whether your job is residential, commercial, new construction, or simply a repair, let Lyon's Fence Company meet your needs. We're here to offer our services for custom jobs, security fences, temporary fences, even insurance claims. 

Give us a call today!

Other Services Available

We offer reasonable rates for those eager to save money by making their next fence project a Do-It-Yourself job. Lyon's Fence will assist you by:

  • Clearing
  • Hauling
  • Drilling Holes

And provide you with the advice and necessary steps required for you to build a fence on your own.   

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At Lyon's Fence we are dedicated to providing quality workmanship and always try to maintain good professional standards. In this regard, we would like to suggest that when obtaining estimates from several fence companies be sure to compare the material used on each estimate. Often lower bids may be due to inferior quality of material and not labor rates.

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